Spring 2013

A note from the Editor

By Sydney Bender, EDITOR

Spring 2013

Movies and television show us things we’ve never seen before. I learned about prom from watching Grease, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Never Been Kissed. I have the Wonder Years to thank for my first school dance expectations. And sometimes, rather than a peek into the future, movies show us something that evokes a memory or feeling from the past. As we grow older, we become nostalgic when watching movies, whether it’s an old movie you saw as a kid, or a new movie that reminds you of your childhood (Punch, p. 56). But this feeling isn’t just limited to entertainment. Nostalgia, for some, comes from cooking meals their parents used to make (Breakfast, p. 22). For others, it’s music that triggers remembrance of a loved one gone too soon, and naming a farm after that person’s favorite song is a family love story in itself (New Farmers, p. 32). Throughout these pages you’ll discover bits and pieces from people’s past, with recipes and photographs that may evoke a memory that makes you smile. You can only be a kid once, but you can remember being a kid forever.


By the Editors