Spring 2012

Lucky #13

By Ali Berlow, EDITOR

Spring 2012

Lucky #13. As we look out from our office in Vineyard Haven, we at eV are thanking our lucky stars to be a part of this Island. We are lucky to be a part of this community, and to be able to continue sharing recipes and stories about people and food, farmers and fishermen, land and water. But as Brownie Wise might’ve said, luck is only a small part of success.

eV’s achievements are simply reflections of you: our readers, subscribers and our advertisers. It is especially the advertisers whose commitment to eV shows that you value these pages of paper, soy ink and glue, for the lasting impressions that they leave…We appreciate how back issues of our local food magazine sit on peoples’ coffee tables, kitchen bookshelves and in their guest rooms long after spring onions have sprouted and calves have been sired.

And it’s because of our advertisers’ support that eV is priceless. Not ‘Free’ and not $2, but ‘Priceless.’ Dear advertisers please know that to the freelance writers, photographers, artists, and editors, your support does not go unnoticed. And to all readers, please thank our advertisers. Because they know as you do, that the only way to buy eV is in fractions and in multiples of twos: ⅛ths, to ¼, to ½ to a full page ad. Show your support by frequenting their businesses. This is what local community is all about.

Eat well and in gratitude.