High Summer 2016

Savoring Summer

By Sydney Bender, EDITOR

High Summer 2016

Whether visiting for a day, the week or all season long, it’s important to remember the four unbreakable rules of summer on Martha’s Vineyard:

  1. Eat something fried (preferably fresh seafood).
  2. Stroll around town with an ice cream in hand.
  3. Visit Menemsha and grab a cold lobster roll.
  4. Take something home.

In this issue, Molly Shuster offers tempting Island-inspired recipes, each enabling you to check off at least one item on this list without even taking a boat (The Daytripper’s Dream).

But for those of us who live on the Island year-round, there are other summer treasures to look forward to each year, like grilling Island-made sausages with your buddies on a weekday (Finds), or taking that fresh fish your neighbor caught and sautéing it just right, so that it doesn’t fall apart (Chef’s Eye).

For some, the best part of sum- mer is getting together with friends to cook a meal together (Gastronomy), and for others, it’s something simple like popping over to the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market with your kids to purchase a couple of ice cold citrus coolers (Sips).

Summer on the Vineyard is more than a destination, it’s a feeling. Whether or not you plan on traveling to the Island this year, we hope this issue will bring a bit of the Vineyard to your kitchen, patios and picnic tables, wherever they may be.