High Summer 2015

Feel Like a Kid Again

By Sydney Bender, EDITOR

High Summer 2015

Some of my father’s favorite memories of being a kid took place inside a Bronx candy store. “Egg creams,” he tells me, “that’s what makes me feel like a kid again.” Even today, as he makes himself one at home—or while on vacation (The Egg Cream), this soda fountain special takes him back to that first sip when he was just six years old.

Food has a pleasant way about evoking the past. For me, summer always makes me feel like a kid again. Whether I’m eating a warm tomato sandwich made with juicy beefsteaks from my friend’s garden (A Necessary Friend), making a trip to Edgartown just for an ice cream (Seconds), or trying something new because it in itself is new (Sashimi), this is summer, and it has a way of making me play more–like I did when I was a kid.

Though for some, it’s the food their mothers cooked for them, or taught them how to make that evokes that wondrous sense of possibility, of feeling loved (Meals My Island Mamas Made). A feeling that if we’re lucky, always stays with us.