High Summer 2012

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By Ali Berlow, EDITOR

High Summer 2012

“I can’t get enough of you.” read the sign in the middle of a spring hayfield. “There is so much to love about you.” said a banner hung over Main Street in Edgartown. Along with nine others, these messages unexpectedly popped up in places across the Vineyard this past April and changed the view. Like little love notes they beguiled many, yet some found them provoking. This collection of signs was manifest by Island resident and artist Julia Kidd, in her two-week public installation entitled: I got all your messages and loved every one.

Driving past a cow pasture on State Road in the rote of my daily commute, my first reaction to “Nothing is perfect but you come close.” was, wow that is cool, because it was out of the blue and it made me feel good. Anonymous, private, but still seen. I felt curiously appreciated in some small, surprising, wonderful, reciprocal moment of connection.

Each time I passed a sign it was a new reflection and experience–because of the time of day, light, weather, shades and moods between the message, the environment and me.

The signs are gone now, the seasons have changed. We are so fortunate in these days of Vineyard Prolific for its embarrassment of riches from the land and the sea. “Your brilliance amazes me.” at Morning Glory Farm, evokes now as prescient. Today even more so, as much of the country and thousands of farmers are suffering the dire consequences of an historic drought that soon will affect us all.

Art inspires. It rouses the unexpected, the private, the unrevealed common human experiences we all have but are rarely shared.

“Oh what a treasure you are.” overlooked the ocean in Aquinnah and it echoes still–in perspective, reflection, affirmation and here, in Mother, Baby, Seafood. Eat well, eat together. Enjoy.