High Summer 2010

It's About Farmers

By Ali Berlow, EDITOR

High Summer 2010

Edible Vineyard reveals and explores how we eat, where food comes from, what food really is, and what it means. It’s an inspiration and a testament, that the feature “From Piglet to Pig Roast” (eV6, by Samantha Barrow, photographed by Elizabeth Cecil) elicited so many thoughtful responses.

Not everyone agreed with the choices we made in eV6. The emails and comments we received were passionate about how animals are raised for food, comparing industrial agriculture to the small family farms such as we have here on the Island. And so the respectful dialogue from both ends of the spectrum about eating meat and what it means to “look your dinner in eye” (literally and figuratively) continues and proves how much work we have to do.

In this issue, we delve into federal agricultural policy and its impact locally, in the context of the USDA’s initiative, “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” (Aimee Witteman). Commissioner Scott Soares of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources outlines the next steps needed to support local food systems statewide (“How Now Local Ag,”), and Alicia Harvie (“Food Politics”) writes about being a food activist.

As always, we continue to offer fresh, seasonal recipes for your table. Hara Dretaki explains how to cook grains (“From the Market”), and Greta Caruso profiles Laura Silber, who converted to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet and pantry (“In the Kitchen”).

We are ever grateful to our advertisers and subscribers. With your support, we can keep publishing relevant, timely, and compelling stories and information about local food.

Go have yourself an Island adventure, an Island meal—get to know your farmer and your food.