Harvest 2016

Cookie Quest

By Sydney Bender, EDITOR

Harvest 2016

Around this time last year, I set out to bake the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies. I wanted them thin
but not crispy, not too chocolatey, yet with enough of a bite that the chocolate would come across as rich and satisfying. So to begin, I started with a basic back-of-the-bag recipe (you know the one), and experimented from there. Substituting coconut oil for butter made them too gooey, all granulated white sugar made them puffy, and melting the butter gave them the perfect thinness, but after they cooled for a few minutes, the cookies were too brittle.

I fooled around with the bake times, pulling them out of the oven early and letting them finish cooking outside of the oven on the baking sheet, and that seemed to help the soft-but-held-together texture I was going for. Cooking on parchment paper also helped, as it made for easy removal from the cookie sheet, and a quick cleanup.

But something was still missing from the flavor of the cookies themselves. I dug through cookbooks, googled recipes and still couldn’t make a batch that was in my world, perfect.

At this point, I knew I needed some outside advice. So, over light snacks inside a cozy bar in Oak Bluffs, I asked my eV team what they’d recommend.

It seemed as if I was on the right track, but Elizabeth Cecil (photo editor) suggested I was missing just two things: shredded coconut and dark chocolate. She scribbled down the rest of the ingredients down on the back of my rehearsal dinner invitation I had in my purse. And from that night on, this ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe was born. We share this recipe with you, readers, and hope you have as much fun baking them as we did. Bon appétit!