Harvest 2014

To The Light

By Emily Kennedy, EDITOR

Harvest 2014

It’s the edge of the winter season, which means it’s the final issue of the year for us. And this issue is everything you might expect it to be—a little darker, a dash more introspective, but thick with comfort (foods): soups and meats and cocktails. (Can you blame us?) This season always creeps in slowly, and then all at once, like the shattering autumn sunsets that fall into walls of black. It appears to demand our full attention. So, what better time to hunker down with a thick stack of recipes (preferably those conveniently bound up into this magazine), and give this time of year its proper due?

We, here, are particularly grateful to our advertisers, our contributors, and our readers at the end of our year. It goes without saying, but should be said anyway—we couldn’t do this without you. We thank you for your support, throughout this year and reaching backwards through years past.

There’s a phrase that I’m fond of, particularly in these coarser months: ad lucem—to the light. Without any more organized religion of my own, this becomes a private toast, whispered to myself as glasses clink, or on evening walks with my family through the thick black outdoors. As Ali Berlow, our publisher, wrote just a few harvests ago: “May this season of darkness be illuminated by your lights—those burning and the ones waiting to be lit—and may they all come brightly together, at your table.”

This season is long but this life is longer. Be kind to each each other. Be kind to yourselves. Take a trip in the pursuit of the sun, wherever it’s gone. Make broth. Read widely. Eat well. And do take contributor Jim Malkin’s advice (page 54)—invite yourself to a supper club, or five, and don’t forget the wine.

From Sam & Ali, Elizabeth, Claire, and me, Emily: See you soon.