Harvest 2012

To Be of Use

By Ali Berlow, EDITOR

Harvest 2012

Harvest is the last issue of this year. As we approach the quieter season, we welcome Gabrielle Redner and Emily Portman to edible Vineyard and we celebrate Sydney Bender on this, her first issue as co-editor. Harvest is both a chance to reflect and to look ahead. Yet in this moment we would like to say, thank you. Our readers and our advertisers are intertwined yet remain forever-parallel parts to the whole that makes eV. Our editorial couldn’t exist without financial support. Still eV stands with integrity and without sway from your dollars. Advertising and subscriptions make the ink on these pages possible and they support eV’s aim to pay a fair, equitable rate to our contributors, editors, cooks and designers, who collectively show up and deliver.

This is a delicate dance. A balance. It’s our plan to keep doing it. I hope you’ll have us.

On the eve of press deadline, I’m reminded to look long at the horizon and beyond it. What does it mean to be of use? To make a difference, leaving our world–our community, a better place than when we first found it? To be kind?

As with most things in my life, everything begins in the kitchen. From a roiling kettle, there’s a bracing cup of tea to accompany the possibilities of actions, words, this instant. An elemental cooking instruction passes through my mind like the raucous skein of geese flying overhead, squawking this beginning of a recipe: ”Wash your hands with soap and water…”

It’s funny where small reminders can be found, heard, remembered. Just start at the beginning–again and again and again.  What a remarkable gift of reinvention and nurture, a kitchen is.

So see you in the spring. Cook with your kids. Eat well together, enjoy. And don’t forget to wash up first.