Harvest 2010

Time to start cooking, eating and sharing...

By Ali Berlow, EDITOR

Harvest 2010

Like a maize, this issue takes you through a series of pathways that all lead to somewhere up for interpretation, somewhere or something to eat, discuss, share…

We bring you both new and old favorites, all rooting back to Island favorites and new beginnings. We bring you ginger, beets and saffron, as well as an close up look at rum and the intriguing history the popular liquor has. The harvest season is unique on Martha’s Vineyard in that we have more time to cook, to eat, to enjoy. Sit down with a cup of Vineyard Herb’s teas, a bottle of french wine, or a giant coconut cupcake. Read about autumn olives, the winter farmyard and the etymology of salt. The harvest menu has luscious slow-cooked lamb, butternut squash and truffles, so start reading, cooking, sharing and that, like the rest of the harvest season, is a great place to start.



By Sydney Bender

Turn up the volume and enjoy this spicy culinary herb, jam-packed with nutrients and spice and everything nice. Candied, crushed, crystallized, powdered or pickled, ginger’ll make you warm and cozy.