Early Summer 2014

Eternal Summer

By Emily Kennedy, EDITOR

Early Summer 2014

Summer arrives late on the Vineyard. We’re given that first taste of warm weather as early as April, but it’s always abruptly taken away, replaced by endless rain and temperatures that inexplicably drop deep down into the 30s. That one early-season day at the beach is followed by 30 more spent indoors, pining over lobster rolls and bike rides, the Artcliff food truck and late-night swims. We begin to fear that the darkness will never end.

When the season does finally change, overnight, we suddenly forget that winter ever happened. Grills roll out of garages, pants give way to short- shorts, and we don’t care because, yes, it is finally summer, eternal and invincible.

The first farmers’ market of the year is always the real start of the season. The stragglers emerge from hibernation, finally awakened by fresh produce and reuniting with good friends. This year was no different.

As always, there are those few restaurants to try, old haunts with new chefs to visit, and the classics that, year after year, never disappoint. If dining out isn’t your thing, you could always snag a patch of grass or sand for a picnic, with food gathered from Island producers (p.8). Or whip up a meal in between backyard badminton games (p.24).

And, though it’s tempting, we try not to completely forget about winter. As John Steinbeck said, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” So we packed this issue with the rich, savory foods of winter: homemade ice creams (p.20) and bread puddings (p.12), cured meats (p.38) and raw butter (p.50)—we hope they taste that much sweeter. Here’s to summer.