Early Summer 2012

Donuts, Seriously.

By Ali Berlow, EDITOR

Early Summer 2012

“Donuts are serious and important” read the subject line of multiple intra-office emails. For months now–sprinkles, jelly-filled, and apple fritters too big to fit in the box, have generated even more dialogue at eV than Samantha Barrow’s Pig Roast feature in eV #6. From analyzing a Boston cream’s center of gravity for this issue’s cover shoot, to studying the gastronomy of the cruller and the history of donut-loving-cop stereotypes, to finally having way too many conversations with the real-life cops we love who love donuts too…we still think donuts are fun. They just are. But don’t eat them everyday. Seriously. They’ll kill you.

Seeing now that it’s the season for us locals to ritually stress out, and that stifling refrain of excuse and lament can be heard incanted in three-part harmony across our Island; ‘I am just sooo busy…’ Consider what is missing instead, the hole, and shift your perspective slightly. Find your space, your loved ones, or even your antagonists. Check out the view from a rooftop with cups of coffee, a cruller (glazed) to dip and go Dutch. Moments, they’re all we have. It’s time to take them and your fun seriously. There’s so much to marvel, to create, to wonder. So why not start with ‘Powdered or sugared?’ or ‘Chocolate, glazed or cake?’ and see what happens next.

I’m dedicating our fourteenth issue to more than friends. To not being alone. And to the underestimation of who each of us really are, and to who each of us are becoming, in every moment.

Eat well. Eat together. Eat donuts responsibly.