Early Summer 2010

Community in Food

By Ali Berlow, EDITOR

Early Summer 2010

‘Stories about community and food,’ is edible Vineyard’s mantra. This intersection between food and community has taken us to many interesting places and is sure to lead us to many more.

This past spring there was a benefit for Derick Araujo, because he suffered a severe knee injury and with a recovery time of close to a year, he and his family were faced with no income or health insurance and mounting bills. Hundreds of people showed up at the Portuguese American Club to support Derick and his family. It was great to see a community rallying around a friend over food. The Araujos give a great deal to this community and the community gathered to give a little back. The PA Club’s fundraiser is just one example of how we are all blessed to live on this Island among such wonderful people.

Someone once told me a good magazine should make you laugh, cry, and give you something to talk about at the dinner table. In this issue we offer a collection of stories that demonstrates the diversity of our community. From Vietnam to Brazil. “The History of Grocers” begins to tell the story of Vineyard groceries, as told by our neighbor’s voices and remembrances.

One of the perks to being the Publisher is taste-testing the recipes. (The downside of being the husband of the Editor is that I have to do most of the chopping.) But after eating plenty of bok choy, I determined that chopping was well worth it.

Ocean tides affect fishermen’s rhythms and the daily catch. In this issue we offer an information graphic that illustrates one lunar cycle, using Vineyard Haven Harbor as an example.

My favorite two comments from readers are: “I read it cover to cover,” and “I save every copy.” Thank you for reading, we hope that all of our issues are worth keeping.

Sam Berlow, Publisher

Very Berry

Jammed, baked, swirled, fresh off the bramble. Berry scented candies. Dried into a healthy Himalayn snack, frozen in ice cream and floating in your beer. You never can tell where you’ll find berries–from Chuck to Wendell. It’s part of the art and most of fun… this one’s for you.