Early Summer 2013

Sweet Summertime

By Sydney Bender, EDITOR

Early Summer 2013

The first swim of summer, falling asleep to the rain, pool parties, campfire songs and s’mores…These are some of the best things in the world. Summers on the Vineyard are filled with timeless activities. Like eating ice cream on benches in Ocean Park on sunny afternoons, and sharing popcorn in the movie theater when a thunderstorm rolls in. Summer is about freshness and simplicity: pea tendril salads with English peas and poppyseed dressing (‘Peas’ by Robert Booz), ice cold coffee, Vietnamese style (“My Mother’s Gift” by Mollie Doyle), and of course—barbecue.

Summer isn’t summer without barbecue. From the tools we use to gear up for grilling season to learning how to cook meat to temperature to the wines we pair with burgers on the grill, there’s a lot to relish in the world of barbecue.

With this issue, we have only really scratched the surface. We hope these stories, photographs, illustrations, and recipes inspire you to foster your own summertime wanderlust.

On Fire

1. Fella’s BBQ Sauce, Fella’s Take Out, $6 2. Fish Basket Leroux at Home, Vineyard Haven, $11 3. Mini Grill Alley’s General Store, West Tisbury, assorted colors, $48 4. Kitchen Porch’s Espresso Rub 4 oz., Leroux at Home, $7 Kitchen Porch’s Berber Spice 4 oz., Leroux at Home, $6 5. “Nice Buns” napkin Juliska, Vineyard Haven, $10 6. Charcoal Companion Skewers (Hickory, Cedar, Maple, Alder), Alley’s General Store, West Tisbury, $8 a pack 7. Charcoal Companion Condiment Squeeze Bottles Alley’s General Store, $6 8. Old Glory Matches Juliska, Vineyard Haven, $4 for a big box 9. Wicked Good Barbecue by Andy Husbands and Chris Hart with Andrea Pyenson, $21.99