From 'Our Market' in Oak Bluffs

Wine Pairings

by Jamie McNeely

With Venison Jerky
Marrietta Old Vine, California, $15.99
A very cool blend of zinfandel that has wonderful dark fruit flavors and a long satisfying finish. Perfect.

With Kale
Pine Ridge, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, California, $12.99
A crowd pleaser on its own, this wonderfully flavored white is the “go-to wine” for any kale preparation.

With Tongue
Alamos Malbec, Catena, Mendoza, $11.99
Full-bodied, rich, jammy and spicy, this malbec and the tongue preparations together never tasted so good!

With Butternut Squash Soup
Chateau de la Chaize, Brouilly, France, $17.99
The flavors of the soup and the light ripe strawberry aromas of this Cru Beajolais are perfect together.

With Poached Eggs Over Grits & Greens
Fontezoppa Verdicchio, Marche, Italy, $9.99
This vibrant, citrusy white from central Italy is the perfect accompaniment here.

With Grilled Pork
Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc, South Africa, $9.99
Mouth-filling chenin blanc, with its pear and honeysuckle flavors and hints of white pepper, makes a real palate-pleasing taste.