Where I’m From

by Emmett Athearn

Where I’m From

Maeve Broome

I am from farm tools,
From John Deere and Rubicon.
I am from the long home renovation, 
(That never seemed to get anywhere). 
I am from the woods,
where we built a treehouse
on that cool summer day
that eventually broke and rotted away.

I am from putting the star on the Christmas tree, from Kate and Brian and Hunter. I’m from the Chappy trips and family walks. From good table manners and nothing lasts forever.
I’m from beautiful Sunday mornings at my house, my friends trapped in church. I’m from Oak Bluffs and somewhere in Germany, German potato salad and Grandma’s baked beans. From the time my father got both of his wrists broken because he was wearing Sperry Top-Siders in the Air Force. And the kindness of my mother.
In a bin in the attic are pictures, of Island adventures from when I was younger. I am from this amazing touristy Island, we are privileged to call home.