Celebrate Tuesday

The Sidecar

by the Editors

The Sidecar

Elizabeth Cecil

A hotel may never be home, which is why taking a holiday to sip a slick adult beverage at Henry's, is just the perfect escape.  

Year-rounder’s summer stay-cation ideas: Deadhead the flowers in your garden after the bees have had their fill.

Grill littlenecks on the beach over hot coals and while the sunsets say, “I should’ve brought my fishing pole.” Bake a cake and invite a friend over before it’s too late. Smile at the strangers in Cronig’s and then bag a tourist’s groceries for them. Go gleaning. Be in bed by 10 p.m. Eat a donut for second breakfast. Have eggs and pie for dinner. Celebrate Tuesday. Don’t leave your house and do watch Mad Men all day. Skip the weekly calendar sections of the local newspapers so you won’t feel bad about everything you’re missing or can’t do because of work. Turn off your phone for more than an hour.

Take a walk through a conservation property that you’ve never been to before. Go to Falmouth. Scratch your dog’s belly. Pass up the fireworks and instead, watch the fireflies in your front yard. Hold a tag sale and then go to someone else’s and buy something new. And finally, in the late afternoon of the brightest, hottest, most sticky, humid and dustiest day: take a cool outdoor shower, shave, get easily dressed up and go out to the darkly-lit, air-conditioned, leather-upholstered and white linen table-clothed, very adult calm that is Henry’s at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown. Let your eyes adjust, settle in and enjoy oocktail hour responsibly.

Order a glass of water, the Sidecar and a plate of their warm grilled Island oysters.

Henry’s Sidecar: Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, triple sec, cinnamon sugar rim, maraschino cherry sinker, $14.