Woods Hole Edition

The Dish

The Dish

David Welch

Popover from Pie in the Sky.  

It’s happened to the best of us—you got on the road early, endured those sticky summer traffic jams and holiday pile-ups, skipped that final bathroom break… just to miss the boat by seconds. So, you’ve got an hour to kill in Woods Hole? Check out our favorite local bites. (And don’t forget to tell your server that you’ve got a ferry to make.)

1. POPOVER from Pie in the Sky
This always-packed bakery just up the hill from the harbor offers up plenty of impressive contenders for your morning pastry but the popover is a classic that won’t be rivaled. Eat it plain, or live a little and try a breakfast sandwich on it. You won’t regret it.

2. GELATO from Coffee Obsession
I scream, you scream, we all scream for gelato? The streets of Woods Hole get muggy and packed in the summer. Don’t sweat it— pop into Coffee Obsession for an ice cold gelato. It even comes with a mini spoon, just like in the old country.

3. CAPE COD REUBEN from The Fishmonger Cafe
A New England twist on a deli favorite—fried cod instead of pastrami, Texas toast instead of rye—the Cape Cod Reuben from this landmark eatery is a must-try. Every seat in the house has an ocean view, and it’s just a three-minute jog (four, with luggage) from the Steamship.

4. PIG CANDY from Quicks Hole Tavern
The new guy in town, Quicks Hole Tavern boasts a menu of gourmet grilled cheeses and seafood specialities. But all we care about is the pig candy—house-smoked pork shoulder in maple syrup and spices. Salty, sticky and sweet, this is the stuff that dreams are made of.