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The music video for “Dreamer,” Black Violin’s most recent release, is set against an urban backdrop, with cuts to a wrestler nailing his opponent to the ground, a skateboarder flipping over a fire hydrant, and a tired looking mother cooking breakfast for her child.

While his hands are occupied, Violinist ______ moves his whole body like a whole other instrument. He punctuates every stroke of his bow by nodding his head, biting his lip, and bouncing with his knees bent. In between his _____s — while ____ sings a motivational speech — he sways, taps his foot, waves his bow to the side.

If he weren’t holding the violin, it seems like ____ would tear up the floor with some killer breakdance moves.

If it weren’t for the wooden string instrument perched under ____’s chin, one would easily confuse this with a hip hop or R & B video.

But he is holding a violin, and that is what makes Black Violin so radical.

“QUOTE” ____ told The SOURCE in DATE.

That is exactly their aim. To confuse, then convince people of all ages to accept this new approach to a traditionally classical instrument.


The pair had appropriately unorthodox origins. got their start as students at

Black Violin’s string chords are bolstered with driving drum beats, jazzy and funky

The percussion, occasional snaps and claps make for an all-encompassing musical medley that modernizes the instrument for a new age audience.

The duo has collaborated with artists spanning all different genres. ________ Melanie Fiona, ________ Pharoahe Monch, and ________ Kandace Springs have all contributed vocals to tracks on their 2015 album.

“ADJECTIVE,” “ADJECTIVE,” and “ADJECTIVE,” are all things that the audience to expect.
Said ______, a spokesperson for Black Violin.