Laura’s go-to desserts

Sweet Indulgences

by Laura Silber

Sweet Indulgences

Elizabeth Cecil

In the days before my household went gluten-free, whenever friends came for dinner and asked me what they could bring, my answer was inevitably, “Dessert!” Because, truth be told, the last thing I imagined doing on a cherished day off in the summer was to turn on the oven and haul out the mixing bowls. Many of my friends are excellent and inventive bakers themselves, and those who are not have repeatedly excelled over the years in locating and purchasing freshly baked goods (mostly pies, of course) along the meandering up-Island roads to my house.

Then my household became gluten free. And suddenly when my friends asked what to bring to dinner, my response changed to, “salad.”

This left me baking a lot of desserts on my days off.

But because of this, I have successfully adapted several of my all-time favorite summer recipes for gluten-free baking, and I am delighted to report that they are indistinguishable from their original wheat containing versions. Not incidentally, they require minimal fuss in the kitchen, leaving the baker more time to enjoy outside activities.

Choose to top any of the desserts with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream if you feel like dressing them up a bit.

These recipes are my top “go-to” desserts, not only for my own home entertaining, but also when I cook professionally, as my private chef clients have increasingly been requesting gluten-free menus. The recipes can also be made dairy-free, and I have noted the options in each ingredient list where appropriate.