Pitched Perfect

Small, Mighty Kitchens

by Kira Shipway

Small, Mighty Kitchens

Ian MacLellan

When the paved roads end and the dirt roads begin to scrape the bottoms of your car; in the place where the shallow edges of the water fall into the depths of the sea, there’s a different kind of Vineyard, beyond the big houses and graphic tees and national headlines. Life here is anything but standard fare, and you can taste it in the beach plum jelly made from the vines just off the trail, and the fish grilled right on the beach, where it was caught so many minutes ago.

Between backyard campsites and shaded tentscapes that buzz along without electricity or running water; fantastical-looking yurts and miniature huts and four-by-five ship cabins, Island residents have made home in less-than-traditional conditions for years. These alternative set-ups can represent any number of things for their inhabitants: celebrations of self-sustenance, havens from the chaos of summer, or simply the promise of fewer utility bills to contend with in an unstable economy.

Here, we celebrate those small but mighty kitchens.