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Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple

Danielle Mulcahy

1. NOT YOUR SUGAR MAMAS COCONUT CRUNCH CHOCOLATE BAR Escape to chocolate wonderland with each bite of this Island-made chocolate bar, sweetened with coconut nectar, dusted with coconut flakes and packed with crisp almond pieces. Sold on-Island, off-Island and online:

2. CANDY Choward’s scented gum, violet hard mints, Disney’s Frozen Jelly Belly icicle mix of jelly beans, cake decorating sprinkles . . . pick your purple poison!

3. GET MEE® CAMPANULA These beauties bloom outdoors from spring to late summer. Decorate your back porch or kitchen table with a mini bouquet of garden perennials to mauve-up your living space. Pick up a pot at Cronig’s Market and research online at

4. HOOD® MARTHA’S VINEYARD BLACK RASPBERRY ICE CREAM Foster your wanderlust by getting lost in the sweet, tangy raspberry sauce swirls found in every scoop of this uniquely Vineyard flavored ice cream. Sold at Island grocery stores.

5. DRIED LAVENDER This double-duty herb is perfect for cock- tails and baked goods but once dried, its uses extend way beyond the kitchen. A handful of this dried perennial releases sweet aromas in any room of your house, or use dried lavender in handmade soaps, potpourri or scented sachets.

6. FROZEN BERRIES Ideal for adding a cloying yet bitter bite to ice cream, yogurt, smoothies or salads. Frozen berries (found in the freezer section at your local grocery store) amp up standard snacks.

7. BEETS Tom Robbins said it best: “The beet is the most intense of vegetables… The beet was Rasputin’s favorite vegetable. You could see it in his eyes.”

8. PAINTED ROCKS Set aside a Saturday and get in touch with your artistic side like artist Danielle Mulcahy did here by painting designs on purple-hued rocks she found while trekking around the Island.

9. ISLAND WAMPUM There’s something truly unique and beautiful about the traditional shell beads made from quahogs. Island jewelry maker Phoenix Russell sells her handcrafted art around the Vineyard. Purchase her pendants, earrings and more by visiting her website Or, if you’re lucky, find pieces of wampum scattered around Island beaches to collect a charm of your own.

10. YARN This purple roving was spun into yarn on a drop spindle and hand-dyed with indigo by Elizabeth Toomey at Vineyard Knitworks in Vineyard Haven.