On the Rocks

by Alison L. Mead

On the Rocks

Mila Lowe

Nothing in nature works without perfect harmony and balance, and the same could be said for the perfect cocktail.

That’s the principle behind Kate Conde Foster and Doriana Klumick’s approach to creating a memorable drink.

From the shape of the ice to the selection of a glass, the owners of the newly established Island Cocktail Company work to design thoughtful and delightful cocktails.

Kate and Doriana have been serving festive libations to parties small and large since last June when they launched Island Cocktail Company.

Partners in the event planning company Plan It MV for the past five years, the duo recognized that there was a need to add a beverage service to the selection of vendors on the Island.

“As the events evolved, people wanted specialty cocktails. They want whiskey bars and tequila tasting bars,” said Kate.

“We supply the beverage service but we are collaborating with the other Island vendors, enhancing everybody’s service.”

With Kate’s 15 years of bartending experience and Doriana’s design skills (She’s an interior designer at Tracker Home Decor in Edgartown), Island Cocktail Company is poised to offer creative bar setups as well as aesthetically pleasing drinks.

“There is a thought process that goes into creating every cocktail,” says Doriana. “Complementary colors, garnish texture, color, height and placement are always part of the design process.”

Working with each client’s individual taste, the pair crafts cocktails that are seasonal in both appearance and in flavor.

Sourcing ingredients from local purveyors adds an extra special connection to the Island for clients and their guests.

It can be as simple as a sprin
kle of MV Sea Salt on the slice of grapefruit that garnishes a Paloma tequila cocktail, or as involved as a drink made almost entirely from local ingredients.

On a nearly spring day in the kitchen of their downtown Edgartown office, Kate prepared a Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler. “When I think spring, I think Morning Glory Farm and strawberries in June,” she said.
Brightly colored ingredients were arranged on the marble countertop: red strawberries, springs of green mint and amber raw sugar simple syrup.

One by one, Kate added the ingredients together in a silver shaker and poured the concoction into a simple rocks glass over crushed ice. It was almost too pretty to drink.

Muddled with fresh mint, the sweetness of the strawberries was balanced by an unexpected ingredient: freshly brewed and chilled hibiscus tea. The tartness of the tea mellowed the taste of the alcohol: vodka made on-Island by Martha’s Vineyard Distilling Company.

Garnished with a single strawberry, a twist of lemon and a red and white swirled paper straw, the end result was a smooth and seemingly effortless spring cocktail; it was thoughtful and fresh.

To hire the Island Cocktail Company for your next event, or simply just swoon over photos of their already crafted creations, visit them online at islandcocktailcompany.com.