Fun Guys


by Gina Solon


Elizabeth Cecil

Springtime, the in between season on the Island, is the kind of time you have to look hard for, even as it’s supposedly happening. Like mushrooms, spring is an elusive, never-makes-sense-kind- of-a-thing. Here one day, gone the next, never in the same place or space as last year, the year before and the year before that…

Those courageous hunters who search for wild mushrooms, on the search for this irrational and often dangerous prey, recover trophy ingredients that are not only hard won, but also are woodsy, deep depth of flavors that show off their culinary prowess. Though thank goodness we all needn’t be that hunter.

We are lucky that we live with a year-round cultivated bounty, with an international array of dried and fresh mushrooms available. And seasonally, you’ll find locally grown shiitake at the farmers’ markets and always grocery store crimini, oyster, white button and portabello. Add some of these delicious prize in-betweens to your culinary repertoire. The umami of flavor.

Mushrooms possess a taste that when rolled around your mouth, unfold sensuous, earthy richness.