July 31, 2010


by Ali Berlow


Elizabeth Cecil

Moxie had a pretty face with doe-like eyes. She is sorely missed by her best friend Sally, another Jersey. They both hail from the same farm in New Hampshire.  

Moxie, a seven or eight-year-old Jersey cow from Mermaid Farm & Dairy in Chilmark was struck by a car on Middle Road on July 31, 2010. She died following the accident.

Moxie was grazing in the field adjacent to the Fulling Mill Brook Conservation Area, where Allen Healy, owner and dairyman of Mermaid Farm, pastures his animals. A pet owner let their dog off its leash with the intention to walk through the conservation land. The dog chased Moxie
and the rest of the herd. Startled, Moxie ran and broke through the fence, and according to Allen, with “perfect timing” he said dryly, a car was rounding the bend at the speed limit and hit her. No people or other animals were injured.

“She was great. She did her job. Never once did she give trouble. She’d come, get milked and go again,” said Allen. Moxie had lived on Mermaid Farm for about two years. Allen estimates that she gave him about 20,000 pounds of high quality, high butterfat milk, the kind of which Jerseys are known for.

In February, 2011, seven months later, the insurance companies finally made restitution to Allen. Moxie was buried on her farm.