Wednesday Special

Hot, Sticky, Sweet

by Sydney Bender

Hot, Sticky, Sweet

Sybil Teles

Every morning, from 7 to 11 a.m., the Coffee Klatch rolls into Humphrey’s Bakery in Vineyard Haven. It’s nice to have regulars. “That’s what I call them,” Humphrey’s baker Janice Haynes says one recent morning standing behind a counter surrounded by freshly baked donuts, cupcakes and cookies. “They’re this group of folks and they’re here every single day, all year long.”

The Coffee Klatch knows their baked goods.

“They’re my guinea pigs. I let them taste test my creations and they’re honest about what they think,” Janice says.

Which is why, over the winter, when Janice gave them samples of her pecan sticky buns, she knew she was onto something.

“They loved them. I mean they absolutely loved them.”

We can see why. Janice’s recipe calls for butter, brown sugar, homemade caramel sauce and pecans, ingredients she couldn’t live without. “It’s quite a process,” she says. “I start them on Tuesday. I pour the caramel sauce on the bottom of the baking sheet and let the pecan sit in the caramel. Then, I put the cinnamon buns on top and leave them in the fridge overnight to rise. In the morning, I bake them, flip them and serve them.”

They are messy, sticky, gooey and only available on one day of the week.

“I started making them as a Wednesday special, you know, as a happy hump day thing to get people through the week,” Janice says. “These sticky buns started as a winter treat for off season customers, but people kept eating them so I figured I’ll have to continue making them throughout the year.”

Janice only makes a limited supply each week, so swing by Humphrey’s early in the morning and pick up a pecan sticky bun for $2.75.

Humphrey’s Bakery is located at 455 State Road in the Woodland Business Center in Vineyard Haven.