Try these ancient grains as a healthy alternative for summer salads.

Farro, Quinoa, Millet

by Hara Dretaki

Farro, Quinoa, Millet

Elizabeth Cecil

Rinsing grains in a sieve helps remove any dirt or debris leftover from harvesting.  

One of my fondest memories from my home city in Salonica, Greece, is accompanying my mother to the old covered market at the center of the city. Her favorite grocer was a fellow from Asia Minor. His store was full of piles of various grains and dried beans in open burlap sacks imported from around the Mediterranean.

But it was my teacher, Peter Berley, the renowned chef and cookbook writer at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, who taught me how to cook grains in healthy and delicious ways. Farro, quinoa, and milllet all make a great base for fresh, seasonal vegetable salads. After mastering these recipes (from Peter’s teachings), try substituting or adding more vegetables like onions, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, corn, tomatoes, green beans, scallions, celery, bell peppers, leafy greens, and squashes. Make these salads a day ahead, if you’d like, to allow the flavors to mellow and meld.