Wicked Delicious

Dark Chocolates

by Samantha Barrow

Dark Chocolates

Elizabeth Cecil

70% + cocoa make Enchanted Chocolates of Oak Bluffs the stuff of magic carpet rides.  

What!? ‘Chocolate Sluts’? ‘Stoner Food’? ‘Over-the-Yardarm-Spiced-Nuts’? Where do the creators of Enchanted Chocolates think they are? Provincetown? New Orleans? This is the Vineyard, people. The President of the United States just left (well, a few months ago). I’m clutching my pearls just reading the labels.

However, my moral qualms begin to subside when I open the package of ‘Pirate Food—Salty Caraarghmels’. The chewy caramel center melts on my tongue as the dark chocolate coating kicks up the back of my palate, and the little chips of sea salt tingle my lips, pulling the whole exquisite mouth sensation together. No longer do I fear a return to the era when Craig Kingsbury roamed barefoot and the Taylors hitchhiked around Gay Head. I dive into the Stoner Food, made from scratch by Kathleen Crowley and rotating members of her family: a pretzel coated in caramel, dipped in dark chocolate, and layered in nuts. “We don’t mess with the light stuff,” her son Lou tells me at the Farmers’ Market in West Tisbury. All their chocolates are 70 percent or more cacao, adding the health benefits of trace elements and nutrients to the obvious bounty of mood enhancement.

Kathleen, who’s been visiting the Island since she was a kid, is the proprietor of New Moon Magick in Oak Bluffs, tucked away on Chapman Avenue. She sells her Enchanted Chocolates amidst the eclectic collection of other commodities ranging from antiques and “witchelaneous” items to custom-blended teas (SereniTea, ProsperiTea, InsaniTea, SexualiTea).

“I don’t know, other than they are all the things I love,” Kathleen says of the connection between all the items she sells. The Enchanted Chocolates sector of the business is sustained year-round by a brisk winter holiday-gift season and cold-weather cravings, coupled with wedding favors and foot traffic in the warmer months. She even has Manhattanites stopping by on their yearly sojourns, claiming hers are the best chocolates anywhere.

Enchanted Chocolates can also be found at The West Tisbury Farmers’ Market, Alley’s General Store, and Cronig’s Market. Or, follow the Enchanted Chocolates link on the New Moon Magick site for special orders: www.newmoonmagick.com