State Road Restaurant’s chocolate cake is a “true crazy love of root beer”

Chocolate Root Beer Bundt Cake

by Ali Berlow

Chocolate Root Beer Bundt Cake

Elizabeth Cecil

There is no rational explanation for pouring a root beer into a chocolate cake batter. It seems excessive and like an unwarranted act of the disproportionate and conspicuous consumption of sugar. But, this is cake. So as long as the soda pop is good and the chocolate is stand-up enough to not only take the weight, but carry that sweet load of sugar as well, then lovers of root beer, chocolate, and cake all win, in this one simple slice of indulgence.

State Road Restaurant’s Chocolate Root Beer Bundt Cake pairs high quality bittersweet chocolate with a root beer that’s at once creamy and spicy, rich with sassafras and made with real cane sugar. According to Mary Kenworth, co-proprietor of State Road, this cake is also about a “true crazy love of root beer” shared between Chef Jackson Kenworth (the other co-owner) and pastry chef Rose Sarja. Mary adds, “Rose is often inspired by old fashioned favorites to which she applies her own updated twists.”

A slice is tight of crumb and satisfying, perfect for meeting friends for a coffee-klatch at State Road. Or order a whole cake to keep at home for those good friends who drop by—the ones who know to come in through the backdoor, and like to linger for a while to have their cake and eat their root beer too.

A slice of chocolate Root Beer Bundt cake is $4.50. Cakes can be ordered 48 hours in advance for $45.00. State Road Restaurant, 688 State Road, West Tisbury, 508-693-8582,