Green Beans

Chilmark Coffee Co.

by Moira Silva

Chilmark Coffee Co.

Elizabeth Cecil

You can skip me on the sunrise donut run. It’s Chilmark Coffee Company’s home brewed, bold Columbian blend I’m after.

My morning coffee ritual, which fills my home with its distinctly rich aroma, feels even better since meeting the company’s roaster-owners, Todd and Jenny Christy.When I met them at their simple yet funky art-filled home, Todd welcomed me with a Mason jar of crisp iced coffee, complete with coffee ice cubes. While I sipped, he explained how their roasts are gentle on our planet, the lives of their bean growers, and their customers’ health. I noticed how the Christys’ commitment to high standards and sustainability is reflected in their home.

As I peered around their kitchen and asked about the kind of coffee maker they used, Todd explained there was none. While brewing coffee kick starts my day, it’s a chance for the Christys to enjoy a slow process.

They brew each mug through a single cup filter. Todd enjoys gradually pouring boiled water over freshly roasted, ground beans. “It kind of blooms . . . I sort of count to 45 seconds in my head, watching it go down . . . I make Jenny try to guess which roast it is.”

He notes how African coffees stand out, sometimes with a finish that’s like a fruity chocolate.
“You can almost see the blueberry peeking around the corner at you,” says Todd.

Nearby their home is their self-built roasting shed. American-made storage tubs border the room, holding raw coffee beans, which are green. This may be news to those who profess a coffee addiction, and have never seen a raw coffee bean before.

While Todd and Jenny are toasting to their first year in business, they are making a few changes. Customers buying beans by the 12-ounce sack will appreciate the new paper bag, which is produced in America and can biodegrade in weeks.

In addition to their collection of premium coffee and organic teas sold online and around the Island, thirsty picnickers will soon be able to buy cold-brewed, cold filtered Menemsha Mud iced coffee by the bottle.

Be on the lookout with me at the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market this summer, and not only for the baked-that-morning muffins.

It’s iced Chilmark Coffee or a cup of Todd and Jenny’s new iced green tea I’ll be after, which is sure to be a refreshing and healthy way for us to start a summer morning.