Stone Fruit Love


by Molly Shuster


Elizabeth Cecil

Ruby red and glossy, cherries are a hallmark of summer and a favorite for sauces, preserves, and baking. Cherries come in two main varieties, sweet and sour. We have focused on the widely available sweet cherry, but encourage those interested in cooking and baking with cherries to seek out the seasonal, sour cherries available at many farmers’ markets.

While cherries are, perhaps, most frequently enjoyed on their own as a fresh, healthy snack, they are also a beautiful ingredient to incorporate into your cooking–everything from dessert to bread to cocktails. A light and airy goat cheesecake gives the classic diner-style cherry cheesecake a much-needed makeover. Rosemary focaccia perfumes the kitchen and makes a lovely accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea. And for those who are less inclined to spend time in the kitchen, a savory wild rice salad comes together in a pinch (a delicious combination of savory and sweet) while a simple, muddled mint mojito is just the thing to cool off with after a sunny day at the beach. Cherries are no longer just the topping on your sundae; they’re the main event.