Christmas in Edgartown means one last slice of fudge from Murdick's

A Taste of Summer

by the Editors

A Taste of Summer

Susie Middleton

Spading ensures a smooth and creamy texture for the final fudge.  

There’s something quintessentially summer-fabulous about fudge–eating it, watching it get made, taking a box home to share with friends. On the Vineyard, that means a stop by Murdick’s, a candy store that originated on Mackinac Island, Michigan, over 100 years ago and came to Edgartown in 1979–and Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven shortly thereafter.

While the Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven Murdick’s close their doors about the time the last visitor hops a ferry at the end of Columbus Day weekend, the Edgartown store stays open through the second weekend in December, when it holds a holiday open house and welcomes folks with hot chocolate, lots of samples, and a last chance to watch the art of fudge-making. This is great news for those of us who want to stop in for a nibble or to pick up a box of summer memories to send to friends back on the mainland. At Murdick’s, fudge is a winter treat, too.

Indulging in a piece (or a whole slice) of Double Chocolate or Pure Vanilla fudge or even penuche or peanut brittle from Murdick’s is the kind of treat you can’t feel too bad about, as Murdick’s has always used the best quality ingredients, like real butter, cream, and sugar. “We make everything from scratch,” longtime general manager Mike McCourt says, “There’s nothing artificial or coming out of a can here.”

You can see the care that’s taken in the process, too, by watching candy makers like Winston Christi (left) smooth and turn the hot liquid fudge over the cool marble until it is just the right consistency and ready to be formed into a majestic loaf of fudge, sliced into 1/2-pound pieces, and packed carefully into tissue- lined boxes to tote home. Maybe the next best thing to inhaling a sweet breath of chocolate air on a cold December day is opening one of these little boxes at home in front of the fire—or at the post office.