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2014 Local Food Accomplishments

by Emily Portman

2014 Local Food Accomplishments

Alli Berry

Island Grown Schools

  • Worked in all seven public schools and seven preschools on the Island.
  • Facilitated 1,188 lessons in healthy eating, gardening or farm field trips for the 1,612 Island students.
  • Maintained 14 school gardens at their 14 partner schools and held 62 after-school garden club sessions at two schools.
  • Offered a monthly local food taste test to 2,400 Island students.
  • Gleaned 6,700 pounds of fresh produce from local farms to donate to the cafeterias at all seven of the Island’s public schools.

Slow Food MV: The Year of Grain

  • Discussed with Neil Atkins of OffShore Ale Co. about brewing beer and the grain involved.
  • Dialogued with filmmaker JD McLelland about his film on the grain industry, The Grain Divide.
  • Explored grain types, tastes, and history with Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills at Water Street, Harbor View Hotel.