Herb-Scented Spirits

by Betsy Carnie

Vodka is a great choice for infusion because of its relatively neutral flavor. mild flavored spirits, such as gin and light rum


  • 2 cups of good quality vodka
  • 1 fistful of herbs
  • a glass container to steep it in
  • a quiet place out of direct sunlight to stow the container while it’s infusing.
  • a strainer

Begin by washing the herbs you have chosen and spinning them dry in a salad spinner. I like to lightly crush the herbs by twisting them gently in my hands and then place them in a clean glass container. Cover the herbs with vodka and seal with a lid. Now simply store the container out of direct sunlight for 2–7 days, depending on the potency of the herb’s flavor and your own personal taste. Some infusions are ready in as few as 2 days, for instance rosemary-infused vodka. others need a little longer. Taste the spirits daily to get a reading on how strong the flavor is. When you’ve achieved the desired potency, strain the vodka into a clean container and you are ready to mix cocktails with your own house-made infused spirits.