by the Editors


G- VINEYARD BLEND Be My Guest, All Natural Granola, $7.79 More than a cereal, this Edgartown recipe has notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Find it at Morning Glory, Alley’s General Store, and online.

R- FARMHOUSE GRANOLA Fiddlehead Farm, $14.59 Ride your bike to West Tisbury to try Fiddlehead Farm’s scrumptious variety. Refresh with a cold drink and pick up a fancy cheese while you’re there.

A- SUNRISE GRANOLA Black Dog Café, $8.95 From schooner charters to t–shirts to party donuts, the Black Dog does it all. Their granola is made with pure maple syrup, almonds and vanilla.

N- GAY HEAD GRANOLA Orange Peel Bakery, $7.99 Apricots, flax seeds and pecans are the stand-outs in this crunchy treat that comes to us alllll-thewayyyyy… from Aquinnah. Find it at both Cronig’s locations.

O- OVEN BAKED GRANOLA State Road Restaurant, $14 Described as “irresistible,” State Road can barely keep this big bag of granola on the shelves, thanks to the coconut, cashews & golden raisins packed in every bite.

L- BAKEHOUSE GRANOLA Scottish Bakehouse, $5 You can count on this spot all year round– wind, snow, rain and shine. Sold by the counter in mini containers, great for stashing at your office or in your Subaru.

A- SUNSHINE GRANOLA Little Rock Farm, $6.99 This granola had humble beginnings as a holiday gift for relatives, and it’s now one of the most sought after granolas on the Island. Find it at both Cronig’s stores.