Santorini Domatokeftedes (Tomato Fritters)

Soda Crackers

Tahini Hummus


Cured Olives

Spicy Cucumber Rolls

Cucumber Toast

Stuffies with Bacon and Chili

Leek Asparagus Tart Tatin with Goat Cheese

Wild Chive Pork Dumplings

Fig and Olive Tapenade

Figgy Flatbread

Lobster and Pea Shoot Spring Rolls

Roasted Artichoke and Pea Shoot Spread

Thai Chicken Salad with Peanut Dressing

Roasted Sesame Peas

Pickled Grapes

Jenna’s Savory Granola

Ancho Chili Grilled Shrimp

Poblano Salsa

Brussels Sprouts in Mustard Sauce

Mushroom Tart

Artichoke & Lemon

Parsley & Anchovy

Beet & Walnut

Tomato & Almond

Classic Basil

Watermelon Radish Chips with Green Goddess

Black Sea Bass Ceviche

Raw Corn and Tomatillo Salsa

Fresh Spring Rolls

Peas with Squid and Tomatoes

House-Cured Lardo


Good Luck Braised Pig Ears

Breaded and Grilled Ears

Salt & Pepper Fried Pig Ears

Baghare Baingan

Eggplant Confit

Meat Pies

Mexican Style Pickled Pork Hocks

Foot Wheels

Grilled Spring Onions

Tongue Tacos

Kale Chips

Butternut Squash Soup

Holtham’s Venison Jerky

Grape Leaves

Shad Roe

Herb & Lemon Marinated Goat Cheese Appetizer

Parfaits with Yogurt, Berry & Granola

A Baked Oyster Concoction

Korean BBQ Hearts

Chicken Liver Mousse

Confit of Gizzards

Chicken Liver Paté


Sautéed Wild Spinach with Toasted Pine Nuts and Goat Cheese

Purslane and Baby Greens with Cucumber and Shredded Cabbage


Pickled Beets

Pickled Baby Carrots

Dilly Beans

Smoked Ham and Sweetbreads Terrine

Asian Buffalo Sweetbreads

Yogurt Cheese

Autumn Olive Fruit Leather

Beet Tzatziki

Beet Chips

Oven Roasted Beets


Bread and Butter Pickles

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes