Jennifer has earned a PhD in Geography and Environmental Science and a MS in Administration. Her dissertation focused on integrating scientific expertise into decision making. She developed a model to integrate scientific opinion and expertise into a geographic information system format that enables policy and decision makers to have better informed facts about the environmental resource. She has taught classes in the International Leadership Program – China. Offered by the partnership between Boston University and Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). Introduction to Environmental Science, Political Geography, and World Regional Geography. She has authored several papers and articles on Scientific Input to Decision Management for the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, Developing Analytical Tools for Decision Making in Integrated Coastal Management, and Integrating Scientific and Political Perspectives in the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Most recently, (2007) GIS Provides Decision Support to National Recreation Area Stakeholders: Visualizing Risks to Boston Harbor Islands. ARCNEWS, ESRI, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Redlands, California

Dr. Ferre has also been involved with several collaborative projects with Frank Manheim, Chris T., Polloni. (1999) Boston Harbor Ecosystems. United States Geological Survey and Woods Hole Oceanographic She has been a Pelagic Team Leader for the Nature Conservancy with the NAC initiative. This marine assessment will lead to the development and implementation of regional conservation strategies in the Northwest Atlantic Coastal and Marine ecosystem. Her current research involves the advancement of integrating science and research into policy for the coastal and marine environment; and conveying the potential for positive contributions by improving the use of existing scientific information by creating mechanisms that enable science to be used by policy makers.

Formerly, the Founding Executive Director of Stellwagen Alive! Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Marine Studies Consortium. The Marine Studies Consortium teaches courses in marine/aquatic sciences and environmental management. The Consortium is an association of Massachusetts higher education and research institutions whose mission is to increase understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems, and to promote policies that protect aquatic resources.

She also consults for Stellwagen Alive and is a Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

She serves on not-for-profit Boards and Committees including the New England Aquarium, the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area Advisory Council and the Boston Foundation.