Editor at large

Ali Berlow

A Cook’s Notebook airs periodically on NPR member stations. All essays can be licensed and downloaded from the PRX. During her college days at the UW-Madison, Ali cooked for cash at fancy catered gigs and flipped burgers at Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry. Wanderlust and fluency in Swahili sent her abroad to Kenya and Somalia. Finding her way back to America, pit stops included her ancestral lands of Northern Germany and France, Italy and various Caribbean isles. Married, two boys, an old black lab and a few cats later — Ali is home and lives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. She cooks to nurture, to create. She writes passionately about food and all that it means — delving deep into our senses and our emotions.

As the founding Executive Director of Island Grown Initiative a non-profit that supports the small family farms and farmers of the island — Ali is committed to raising awareness + raising consciousness about the food that we feed to our families.

Ali and her husband Sam Berlow, launched Edible Vineyard in April ‘09. A quarterly print magazine, EV is dedicated to the local community on Martha’s Vineyard, featuring stories and recipes from the Island.